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Simplify your life and love the space you're in


Our first Lady shares the same name as Mrs Kennedy Onassis, and is every bit as particular. She’s known in her family for being the organised one with a special talent for packing suitcases like Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpet bag.







Named for her late father, Jacqueline established Bancrofts in 2020, believing that the person you want to be is only a good tidy away. With 20 years experience in project management for international luxury brands, such as Diageo, Jacqueline is a working mum of two daughters. After becoming a Mum for the first time at 20 Jacqui had to get herself organised to manage the challenges and joys of motherhood and family life.

She also spent many an evening wondering how to share her own organising skills and the lessons in self-motivation and organisation taught to her by her mother into an opportunity for her and women like her.  Women who want to live their fullest life, be their best, learn to be kind to themselves and encourage others to do the same.

  Jacqueline wants to apply her expertise and passion for organising to empower her clients, help them to love the space their in, to strive for progress not perfection and 

 offer a world class service.



Your Trustworthy Professional Organiser

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