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A tidy home is a tidy mind!


Spring clean

For the season of new things, say hello to a new you. Emerge from your wintery hibernation ready to tackle the longer days and shorter nights with a spring in your step. Includes tidying and cleaning your home from top to bottom with serious attention. A full checklist can be found in our FAQ’s.

Deep clean, including oven cleaning service

When we say Deep we mean Nemo deep! Spring clean along with oven clean, inside window clean, blinds or shutters cleaned, inside kitchen cupboards and bathroom storage and much more. 

End of tenancy clean

Your landlord will be devastated to see you go because they’ll know they’ll never get a tenant like you again. Includes all Deep Clean services, along with the thorough cleaning of all kitchen appliances including the fridge, any furniture, door frames, door handles and more. 

 Post build clean

Don’t let that pesky layer of dust detract from the fact that you just built your dream home. Our service will scrub your dream home into sparkling reality! Walls cleaned, dust cleared and wiped from every surface and crevice, floors mopped, windows and window sills cleaned, fittings and fixtures left sparkling and more. 


Post event clean

Had one too many at the open bar? Wrist sore from tossing burgers on the BBQ? We wouldn’t dream of asking you to don the marigolds- let us do it instead! Our service includes a thorough tidy, clean, clearing of all rubbish, cleaning furniture and of course letting you put your feet up- they must be sore from all that dancing! We will leave your space spotless! 

Laundry services

Cinderella makes laundry look so charming, but we know she’s fibbing. Laundry is a bore- wouldn’t it be lovely if you could pay someone to do it for you? Oh wait… our services include washing, drying, folding and ironing clothes on site and we promise, no singing to the birds. 











Whether you’re a business owner or a remote worker… you probably need our help!

Spring Clean

We generally advise this kind of clean be carried out around the Easter bank holiday. It gives us an opportunity to scrub up after the chaos of tax returns and the disorganisation that comes with those January blues. The days are still grey and blue and you don’t have Christmas to look forward to- but you can look forward to a lie in on Monday and a sparkling work environment on Tuesday!

 End of Year Clean

This isn’t a Post-Christmas-Party clean, just to be clear- for that see below. We would include cleaning and organising all the little bits and bobs that you haven’t managed to get cleaned and organised before you shut up shop for Christmas; throwing away plants that didn’t survive the winter, getting rid of broken printers, properly mopping the floor of the communal kitchen. Our services would primarily include giving the office a good tidy, sort and thorough clean.  We want to make sure that coming back to work on the 2nd January is a little bit less depressing than usual (because after all it’s January and there’s only so much we can do).

Post Event Clean

For after the Christmas party, the graduate scheme mixer, or the leadership workshop with “nibbles” that always end up, inexplicably ground into the carpet. Is your wrist sore from shaking too many hands? Maybe you run an events venue and need some extra hands on deck? Whatever we can do to reduce the hangover of discarded name tags and napkins, we will make it our utmost priority. 

Folded Clothes
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Out all day and worried about security?

Don’t! Our key holding service uses a legally binding contract to guarantee the safety of your home!

All of our cleaners are referenced, vetted and checked


We all lead busy lives and we want to accommodate you as much as possible. If you would like us to clean when you are at work or engaged elsewhere then you have the option of providing your cleaner with a set of keys. To ensure both parties are protected in this exchange we follow the process below:

Client completes and signs the key agreement form

Cleaner completes and signs the key agreement form

The key is passed to the cleaner and remains their responsibility until they hand the keys back when the job is completed.

Key agreement forms
Keyholding Services
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