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Experienced Professional Organiser

Become a Bancrofts Organiser


You’re visiting your not-so-tidy friend, sister, brother or cousin and you are itching to help them sort their space out? You take a look around and you can already see the ‘after’ image. Does this sound like you?


Then we want to hear from you.


Are you naturally organised, tidy, efficient and love a bit of Marie Kondo? If the answer is yes and you would love the opportunity to work with like - minded people, meet all kinds of new humans and have fun whilst doing it then Bancrofts may be the place of new opportunities for you.


Here at Bancrofts we are passionate about our people. We believe in developing and empowering everyone who works with us. We want them to be the best they can be, offer a warm and rewarding employee experience and make sure no one has that Sunday night dread.

In return all we ask is that you are a self-starter, work hard, behave professionally, represent what we stand for, treat our clients and your colleagues with respect, bring the best of yourself to work and know how to organise. Oh and one last thing – be your true authentic self!



Become a Bancrofts Super Cleaner

Are you obsessed with Mrs Hinch? Do you feel good after shining that tap to within an inch of is life? Do hoover lines make your day and you enjoy helping others to feel good about their home? If you can say


Yes then we would love to hear from you!


Here at Bancrofts we are more than just a business and we want to achieve more than just profit. As well as great customer care, we believe that the best businesses are those that treat their employees with respect and loyalty, as well as offering each and every employee room to self-improve.

We believe in planting the seed of ambition, and helping it to grow. That’s why we will train our people to the highest standard, develop them and believe in them and help them to be the best they can be.

We want our organisers and cleaners to work for us because they want to, not because they have limited options, because they know they’re gaining something invaluable.


If you want to know to more please contact Bancrofts on 07949 076 019

Whilst you’re here definitely check out our Instagram page or Facebook pages too.

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