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We’ll make Monica Gellar’s Manhattan apartment look like the BEFORE pictures!

Room organisation & Decluttering

Pick a room, any room… close your eyes and hey presto- suddenly your kitchen jars are labelled, books are alphabetised, your pens are standing in height order and your jewellery is arranged by metal (… don’t worry we ask no questions, never judge and are the height of discretion) - our women are basically magicians with feather dusters instead of cards and a wand. We will create this euphoria for you by decluttering, organising or re-organising your space to your requirements, all set out in a ‘Bancrofts brief’ that we have completed with you before we get started. 

Wardrobe transformation

Remember that shirt you bought in 2002 that you swore you would wear all the time but haven’t seen since you wore it to see ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ in the cinema?












Well not only will we find it for you, but we’ll also promise that you’ll never lose anything to The-Back-Of-The-Wardrobe again. And those clothes that you’d rather you had lost? Not a problem we’ll donate them for you, because there’s someone for every skirt, shirt and sweater!

 Paperwork, administration and Home Office organisation 

Say goodbye to papercuts, paperweights and paper stacks that are taller than you. We’ll sort through your old bills, p45s and your middle child’s third dentist notice and organise them in a way that makes sense to you. Nothing says success like properly utilised ring binder folder or exceptional e-filing and a few hours with one of our label makers.

 Post build/renovation organisation

Your dream house has been built, we’ve swept away this grit and grime, and now we’ll unpack your boxes, organise your wardrobe, put your succulents on the window ledge… whatever it takes to turn your house into a home. We’ll even team up with our friends TaskRabbit, to assemble your flatpack and hang your photos- don’t say we don’t spoil you.

 Moving Home: Bancrofts Home Making Service

We know that this is one of the most stressful things a person can do, so we’re here to make it a little (or a lot) easier. Our services include unpacking, dusting, and helping you organising your new home or pack up your old home. We set you up so yo don't have to do a thing! We can also help you set up your new amenities (gas, electricity, Wifi etc.), so that you can get on with the fun stuff, like working out where to hang the fairy lights and chatting with your new neighbours. 


Every postponed decision manifests as mess! We’ll clean so you can create something extraordinary!










Storage transformation

The stationery cupboard. Simultaneously the glorious home of a never ending supply of bic biros, and an unmitigated disaster zone of loose polly pockets. We will provide for this and all your office storage needs including a full review of all storage and reorganisation of spaces.

 Moving Office/POW

Moving house is stressful enough, but most houses aren’t required to cater for as many people as your average office or place of work. We’ll make sure that this transition is an exciting one for you and your colleagues. Packing, unpacking and making sure each and every member of your staff is provided for at your destination may seem like an arduous task- but to us it seems like fun! 


We’re sure you have a dedicated administrative assistant or secretary to deal with this for you, but should you find yourself snowed under an avalanche of invoices, you know who to call. This service is most popularly used in conjunction with others, such as Moving Office, or a Storage Transformation.


Get satisfaction out of labelling and organising those cupboards or sorting the playroom yourself but not sure where to start, then we offer online sessions to help you achieve the same goal.

If you don’t need us in person but need help to structure your space, re-organise and plan the room, house or garage then we can still help. We can take you through the best processes and ideas for you.

You can jump on a video call or calls with you and provide with the right approach, tools and tips to get you sorted.

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