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Get your home ready for Spring!

How is it February already? You know that feeling when you notice that it's no longer getting dark at 5pm and flowers are starting to bloom and you can feel that Spring is on its way? It always feels good. I look forward to the opportunity to refresh, reset and redo things around the home ready for the new season.

Read on for seven ways to make your home feel and look good for Spring.

#1 Go through your pantry or kitchen cupboards and do an expiration check. Remember that best before dates don't always mean you need to discard of them, this especially applies to canned and packet foods. Make space for seasonal products.

#2 Do a seasonal wardrobe check! As the weather begins to warm up it's a great time to swap out your winter staples for lighter more seasonal items. Pack away your winter items or if you have the space move them to a different place in your wardrobe. Vacuum bags are an effective space saver. Don't forget to label any storage you choose to use and keep a record of what you have stored away!

#3 Spring is my favourite time of the year and is a wonderful time to inject new energy into your home and create a lighter and brighter space. If you have heavy curtains consider swapping them for something lighter, swap your thicker duvet for a thinner one, and add a touch of spring with white bed linen.

#4 If you have a garden or outside area reorganise and sort out the space. Clean your furniture, change it up by rearranging it, add some new spring plants to your garden and throw away any damaged garden items or even repair or repurpose them.

#5 My Mum has always preferred hanging her laundry to dry in the garden to using a tumble dryer or radiators so why not hang a washing line? It's energy saving, eco-friendly, reducing your gas or electric bill.

# 6 If you have a loft or other storage space give it a good sorting out. Purge through the items, recycling, donating or discarding what you no longer use, need or has run its course. Then set about categorising your items, storing them in damp proof boxes or packaging and label them. Take an inventory of everything you have stored.

#7 Spring wouldn't be the same without a good spring clean of your home. Who says you have to do the whole house? Just tackle the spaces that you feel will really benefit your home and make you feel good whilst doing it. One room or one room at a time it's up to you. Spring is a good excuse to get motivated or keep the momentum going. One thing I would recommended though is getting your gutters cleaned, if water builds it can get in through cracks or gaps in your bricks and this can lead to damp.

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