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Lofty Expectations: 8 step Masterclass in organising your loft

Hello my lovely queens!

Today's blog is an 8 - step mini Masterclass in organising your loft space.

You can do it in literally eight days if all eight steps apply to your loft. It shouldn't take you longer than that. Allocate one day to each step to make sure it works well for you and is organised in the best way possible.

Step 1: Access

Before you can clear or declutter your loft properly your access point needs to be on point!

Is the current access to your loft space easy to get and does it provide easy access to your loft? The main thing is that it needs to be safe and allow for direct access into the loft via a ladder or stairs. If you have a hatch entrance into your loft make sure it is big enough for you to get bulkier or wider storage boxes/items through it.

The solution to these two issues is to install a proper hatch loft ladder, it's safer and means you have to have a wider opening by default.

Step 2: Declutter

Wear a mask, gloves and old clothing or even some protective clothing.

Put a de-cluttering plan in place before you start.

*Decide what are the essential items you need to store up there and exactly what you will be using the space for. (See yesterday's instagram post for tips on what you shouldn't store in a loft).

* Once you know what those items are, categorise them.

* This will help to inform the types of storage you will need so you can decide this here too.

* Also list what you will dispose of and know how you will do that.

* Work out how many people you will need to help you get it done - preferably in a day

* Make sure it's safe for you, if you can't do it then get a professional to come in to clear it.

Step 3: Flooring

Laying sturdy flooring is one of the best things you can do and it's known as 'boarding your loft'.

It can increase the space of your loft storage by quite a stretch so is worth doing.

If you are a DIY queen and can do it yourself then there are lots of videos on YouTube that can take you through it like ABC. Just remember to follow any building regulations which are there to protect you and help you to do a great job.


Step 4: Sort

Once you have the flooring down, split the area into zones so that you sort your items in the most efficient way possible. Use masking tape to mark them out.


  • What items you need more frequent access to.

  • What items are long-term storage items.

  • How much items weigh.

  • If you can build shelves then this is great for saving space and a natural way to categorise your items.

Examples of zones may be:

  1. Toys

  2. Sentimental boxes/memorabilia

  3. Seasonal clothing

  4. Travel items e.g. suitcases, camping equipment

  5. Event decorations e.g. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving

  6. Books


Step 5: Storage

  • Use airtight long lasting plastic boxes for clothes, soft toys, books and sentimental items; they provide greater protection against moths and damp.

  • Vacuum bags are also good for clothes, they keep the moisture out and save lots of space and are less heavy. They are good for storing seasonal items you will swap out but not for long term storage as they can lose their shape. Don't forget to add in moth balls!

  • Wash and dry your clothes before storing.

  • DO NOT USE CARDBOARD BOXES - a dream for pests and offer zero protection from damp.

  • If you are storing books use air tight boxes. Temperature control is key as extreme conditions will damage your little library. When packing your books, put similar sizes together, this maximises space.

Step 6: Label

Once you have packed your items into the most appropriate storage containers label them to within an inch of your life! Ok I'm being dramatic but you know what I mean.

You can even colour code your categories. IT MAKES LIFE SO EASY. Not having labels is a nightmare and almost defeats the whole purpose of sorting your loft out in the first place.

Label as you go.

Step 7: Tidy up

Give the loft space a good clean, put your boxes into the designated areas and tidy up.

This is for safety as well as cleanliness and order.

Step 8: The Golden rule - Take an Inventory!!!

No one ever thinks of this.

Make a list of what you have stored in your loft.

Ask anyone if they remember what they have in their loft and 90% of people couldn't tell you.

You can do this at step 2 and then do a final list at the end.

As always, I hope you have found this valuable.

Let me know, by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for being here!

J x

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