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Small but tidy

10 ways to help you organise a small space.

It all starts with having one objective in mind and that’s to keep the space as tidy as possible so aim to make sure that everything in that area really does have a home. It sounds straight forwards but it does require a little upfront planning and creative thinking, then you can dive right into to the 'doing'.

Consider the top use for the space. Ask yourself what you would really like it to look like and how often you use it. What is its main purpose and how can you organise it to make your life easier?

1. When it comes to small spaces use the vertical space aka the wall space going up and down and the space above the door which is unseen but great for adding a shelf for storage. Find storage solutions that can be hung on the wall and that can house multiple items e.g. a broom holder or just a row of hooks that you can hang your broom, mop, dustpan and brush on.

2. Use multi-purpose furniture. E.g. In a small utility room/cupboard use a stool that doubles up as a storage box. In a hallway use one piece of furniture that can store shoes, coats, umbrellas and even mail.

Multipurpose hallway tree from @ wayfair

3. Declutter the space before trying to reorganise it. Try to keep what you need on a daily basis. Be ruthless with yourself.

4. Optimise the space by finding clever storage solutions. E.g. If you have a small kitchen use a sink caddy that attaches to the inside of the sink rather than in a container on the worktop. Make use of cupboard doors to hang tea towels, use under-sink shelving, and racks to store your spices.

'Inside the sink' Sink caddy @Amazon

5. Don’t have multiples of one item.

6. If you have a small bedroom, ottoman beds are great. They can provide generous extra space but just because you have it, it doesn’t mean it has to be filled to the top. Use it to store out-of-season clothes, bedding or shoes. Use the wall space around your bed to build some shelves for books, hooks for hats or accessories.

7. In your small office have a desk that is attached to the wall that can be folding up or down. Accompany this with a rolling cart that can hold all of your office essentials and sits under the desk next to your feet when working.

8. If your bathroom is tiny then why not have the space behind the side panels of the bath made to accommodate drawers or use the inside of the panels to hang items.

Built-in bath panel storage @Pinterest via decoholics

9. Use a trendy trunk as a coffee table in your living room. They are great for storing books, magazines, candles and toys.

10. Use cubby hole storage units to zone your space/room. E.g. One side is your bed the other your work from home area.

Hey queens I hope you found these tips useful :)

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