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Updated: Nov 11, 2020


But let me introduce myself first.

My name is Jacqueline McLeod AKA Jack, Jax, Jacks or Jacq.

I'm a mum of two girls, live with their dad, my fiancè (soon to be my husband in 2021) and our youngest daughter in South London.

I love food, film, books, arts and culture, trying to keep fit, strawberry daiquiri's, travel, my family, friends and life!!

I dislike arrogance, fake - arse people, the crazy injustice we see in the world (obviously), rude people, goat's cheese, small talk, beer, the music finance companies play whilst I'm waiting for them to cut me off when I have queued for 273 minutes and halitosis.

I'm a professional organiser and owner of Bancrofts Organisation Services and I'm excited to share with you more of what Bancrofts has to offer. Thoughts, tips, ideas, skills, mindset and 'How-to's' are just some of what I love to give to my clients to help them improve their lives.

So you will find all of that and more about me right here in my blog which brings me so much joy to write. So if you choose to stick around I promise I will share the best of my expertise, what I continue to learn, give you plenty to think about and tools to help you declutter your space and mind.

I'm an honest, straight-talking kinda girl which is why I wanted to tell you why I started my company and what it means to me.

2005, 2013 and 2018 were the worst years of my working life. They (2013 & 2018) were the culmination and manifestation of a lack of decision making and clear thought regarding my career goals.

I had been sitting on the periphery of my career and had never fully jumped into my chosen (or not so chosen) profession.

Whilst I always worked hard and delivered, I subconsciously and at times consciously knew I was coasting. Even in the senior and respectable roles I held, I was doing myself a disservice.

I had delayed making key decisions around what, where and who I wanted to be as a professional working woman. I procrastinated. I made excuses and I didn’t show up for myself. My salary was constantly growing and my income was great but felt I like crap for many years. It affected my life in ways it never should have. If only I had been honest with myself, sat down and planned better, sought real advice and transformed the way I was thinking; and ultimately enhance my perspective. If I knew what I know now I would have saved myself so much stress and unhappiness.

Procrastinating was a bitch. She nearly had me. I had to admit I didn’t feel good enough which meant I didn’t believe in myself, I doubted my wisdom, squashed my voice and became fearful. I was scared of failure, change and letting others down. It was bullshit. It was a lie and it stopped me from moving forwards and making progress.

Fast forward to 2020 (what a year this is?!) and I am in a great place. I did the work, held the mirror up and told myself I was the fairest of them all. I unpacked, repacked, decluttered and transformed my mind. It sounds corny but sorry it’s true. I have always been super organised, proactive and practical. I get shit done, hell I get other people’s shit done too but I was doing myself dirty and made some solid, authentic and bloody brilliant decisions about what I’m doing, who I am and where I am going. I’m levelling up. I stuck two fingers up to Procrastination and gave a big fat holler to being my best self and living my best life.

I don’t want to experience years like those three again. 2005 – I was assaulted by a male colleague at work, 2013 - I was a ‘rising star’ in a consultancy and was then bullied out and 2018 – well that’s another post for another day.

We all procrastinate over different things and even in different ways but the outcome is the same- we are holding our true selves back. We are denying ourselves the space and time to think clearly. By putting things off whether it’s not sorting the physical space around us which I firmly believe allows our mental space to grow, or being scared to make decisions that benefit us, we don’t make progress and change our lives for the better. And we must do better and show up for ourselves! I tell my kids (two daughter’s) know who you are, don’t get in your own way and don’t be anything other than your damn self.

This year, which marks 20 years as a Project Manager and Senior leader in business, I set up my company to help other women like me get physically and mentally organised in their lives. To learn how to declutter their homes and mind; and level up in a way they haven’t before. I love it. I want others to benefit from what I have learnt, to be clear about what they want, transform the way they think so they can live a happy, fun, engaged and authentic life.

We all bloody deserve it!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

Jacq x

Check out my course - 'Getting and Staying Organised: Your complete Guide to life organisation'.

Created and designed to help you overcome procrastination; clear, transform and reset your mind. Helping you to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and find the peace and contentment you need to live your bloody best life!

Follow me on Instagram @clutter_free_queen for all things organising and decluttering

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